Bison Hillock


At the foothills of the Țarcu Mountains, in the commune of Armeniș European Bison, the bison roam freely.

The Bison Hillock is the second area of ​​rewilding of bison in Romania and a unique spot to experience rural life and wildlife in the Carpathian Mountains.



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I finally arrived in the Armenis area after I heard so many stories and saw many interesting photos. But the truth is that reality goes far beyond expectations, and people’s hospitality makes me want to go back with every occasion. I hope the area keeps its beauty and its wildlife.


What a great project! Thank you for a few fascinating days – I saw bison, I learned about a lot of things about Romanian fauna, living in the wild as I have never done before. And I ate more than a man could ever eat.

Meryl & Steve

An unforgettable experience, a brief escape in nature, amid wildlife. May the bison thrive and also the community alongside them!


Bison Hillock blog

Through this diary you will come to know the daily joys and challenges of the Bison Hillock and the key attractions of the area

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